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India has the mining offer



Individuals from the Indian crypto community have received offers to set up mining offices after reports of possibly negative advancements for mineworkers in China. As reported by local media, businesses are as of now investigating such open doors as India has some of the lowest electricity rates. Upcoming control,  may put a few obstacles on the track.


“As China stamps out bitcoin miners, India sees opportunity”, a Mumbai-based publication speculated, quoting sources from the sector. More than three quarters of the mining hardware have been installed in China, producing 80 percent of the world’s bitcoin supply, while Indian operations account for just 2 percent, according to the DNA daily, published in the financial capital.

Organizations Expect Clear Guidelines

“As China stamps out bitcoin excavators, India sees opportunity”, a Mumbai-based publication hypothesized, citing sources from the area. More than seventy five percent of the mining equipment have been introduced in China, creating 80 percent of the world’s bitcoin supply, while Indian operations represent only 2 percent.

  “Countries across the globe are inviting miners to initiate mining activities. They are offering free electricity, rebates on set-up and tax advantages, along with citizenship”, Manu Prashant Wig, a digital marketing consultant, told the newspaper. A company he is working with is planning to open a mining center in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh.

A major  part of Indian crypto players are careful so as not to deviate from government rules. Entrepreneurs are seeking after impetuses to open new bitcoin mining focuses and expect a “clear policy” to control their business.

A computer engineer told the daily about several offers received by his mining company over the past few days. He referred to them as “new business opportunities” and said:


The question is– Will India Mine  ?

India is in a decent position to utilize Beijing’s hesitance to help the blasting Chinese mining segment. The incorporated choices of the most crowded People’s Republic may display the most crowded popular government with some unforeseen open doors. Plus, as indicated by Statista, power rates in India have found the middle value of $0.08 per kWh in 2017, and in China $0.09.

The administration in Delhi is very nearly settling on critical choices on the best way to treat bitcoin. An extraordinarily delegated board has presented its answer to the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in August. There are signs that Indian specialists may “go the China way” and “throttle the cryptographic money showcase” with administrative obstacles.

The government has issued numerous notices about the dangers of crypto contributing. Directions ought to be custom-made to ensure speculators and control tax evasion. As indicated by Satish Mugulavalli, tech chief at the funding firm YourNest, the national bank is as yet “endeavoring to see how these things will work out”.

It has been reported that the Reserve Bank of India has issued circular to private banks to end virtual record administrations for administrators of cryptographic money trades. This is as indicated by the CEO of BuyUCoin Shivam Thakral, which has constrained numerous business banks to pull back office of such records, backing off exchanging. Another well-known Indian trade, Koinex, clarified delays in Rupee withdrawals as being expected to a “tussle” between its installment benefit accomplice and their bank.

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Crypto Market cap reached $275 billion




Market cap of crypto currencies reached the level of $275 Billion after a spike on 4rth July 2018, Bitcoin maintaining its dominance at 42% , making it the biggest crypto currency in the world.

Bitcoin price currently trading at around $6700 after a 3% spike in the price , making it jump from $6500 to $6700 within minutes, analysts are predicting that this recent upside movement in crypto market in weak and need to sustain these levels in order to attract more buyers, otherwise overall bearish market is still in control.

$7000 is a key level for Bitcoin 

$7000 is very important level for bitcoin according to many technical analysts, If it breaks above $7000 and stays there then chances are that upside move will be healthy, otherwise bear will look forward to take control of the situation again.

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Switzerland merging Cryptocurrencies with conventional banking




Switzerland is on the right track to become a Crypto nation and country is making efforts to allow cryptcocurrencies to fully access conventional banking .

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies has taken a big hit in brutal bear market of 2018 but that’s not stopping Switzerland to allow cryptocurrencies to fully access conventional banking system within the country. Switzerland is currently in progress and drafting rules and regulations for such collaborations.

Heinz Tännler, Swiss expert & finance director of Zug canton, told media earlier that politicians were moving to allow crypto companies to work with banks, adding that Switzerland’s central bank, financial supervisor and federal government “are willing to help”.

He said: “We hope to clarify relationships by the end of the year at the latest.

“Time is pressing, other jurisdictions such as Malta and Singapore are very active and making a lot of effort to attract these companies. The lack of access to bank services is a significant competitive disadvantage.”

“We have to push certain national institutions to resolve this problem quickly and effectively, but that now seems to be going well.”

Blockchain becoming the global phenomenon 

The concept of Blockchain is interesting and attractive for all the countries, many countries may disagree on the existence and usage of cryptocurrencies, but all of them agree with the fact concept of blockchain is not going anywhere and governments can benefit from this technology in various fields, but if you ask any expert of blockchain, he would tell you that success of Blockchain technology has to be linked with existence of crypto currencies, without crypto currencies, and ecosystem can’t exist, many governments around the world are slowly recognizing the fact and Switzerland is definitely on the right track if they allow crypto currencies to work in collaboration with the Banks, because many banks around the world are not allowing crypto currencies to offer services through them, but this initiative will open many doors in that regards.


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Crypto market stabilizing gradually




crypto trading

Crypto market is stabilizing around $450 billion market cap after gradual increase in overall value in recent weeks.

Leading crypto currencies are on the rise, lead by Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. Although increase in bitcoin value is less as compared to other crypto currencies but overall market is on rise with current market of $440 billion.

Bitcoin is currently hovering around the $9300 mark after being rejected at $10000 mark couple of times in last days, Ethereum is on the charge as well but the most surprising one is Bitcoin cash. Bitcoin cash was at $600 couple of weeks ago and now at $1600, shows rapid growth in recent weeks.


Crypto currency of the month has to be EOS, investors of EOS are enjoying a massive rise in value in past few weeks, EOS started April at $5 mark and now is at $18 , value of EOS increased more than 3 times within one month.

Current top 5 crypto currencies

  1. Bitcoin : $9388
  2. Ethereum: $741
  3. Ripple: $0.83
  4. Bitcoin Cash: $1630
  5. EOS: $18.28


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