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KODAK to launch its own cryptocurrency



KODAK to launch its own cryptocurrency

KODAK has declared the launch of a ‘photo-centric’ digital currency (cryptocurrency) to allow photographers to take back control of their image rights.

The formation of KodakCoin is a piece of an offer to construct a worldwide record of picture rights proprietorship for photographers and photograph agencies.

Stock prices for Eastman Kodak Co climbed more than 100 % on Tuesday evening on the back of the cryptographic money news.

Kodak is joining the cryptographic money upheaval after it was broadly brought down by its inability to abandon film and grasp advanced photography.

At CES 2018 in the USA, Kodak anounced that it was collaborating with WENN Digital to make KodakCoin and a picture rights management platform called KodakOne

The anouncement stated: “Using blockchain innovation, the KODAKOne platform will make an encoded, digital ledger of rights proprietorship for photographers to enlist both new and chronicle work that they would then be able to license  inside the platform.

“With KODAKCoin, part taking photographers are welcome to take part in another economy for photography, get installment for authorizing their work instantly upon sale, and for both professional and amateur photographers, bid their work confidently on a protected blockchain platform.

“KODAKOne platform provides nonstop web crawling in order to monitor and secure the IP of the images registered in the KODAKOne framework.

“Where unlicensed utilization of images is recognized, the KODAKOne platform can proficiently deal with the post-licensing process keeping in mind the end goal to compensate photographers.”

Riding the flood of bitcoin’s fame, the Kodak’s crypto platform will permit photographers register to work and permit it for crypto payments.

The American innovation organization sees blockchain technology as a useful method to help take care of a long-standing issues confronting photographers.

Jeff Clarke Kodak CEO said:

 “For many in the tech industry, ‘blockchain’ and ‘cryptocurrency’ are hot buzzwords, but for photographers who’ve long struggled to assert control over their work and how it’s used, these buzzwords are the keys to solving what felt like an unsolvable problem.

“Kodak has constantly sought to democratize photography and make licensing reasonable for the artist. These advancements give the photography group an inventive and simple approach to do only that.”

“Engaging with a new platform, it is critical photographers know their work and their income is handled securely and with trust, which is exactly what we did with KODAKCoin.” said Jan Denecke CEO  WENN Digital.

Subject to the most noteworthy measures of compliance, KODAKCoin is tied in with paying photographers reasonably and giving them a chance to get in on the ground floor of another economy customized for them, with secure resource or asset rights management built right in.


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Crypto market stabilizing gradually




crypto trading

Crypto market is stabilizing around $450 billion market cap after gradual increase in overall value in recent weeks.

Leading crypto currencies are on the rise, lead by Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. Although increase in bitcoin value is less as compared to other crypto currencies but overall market is on rise with current market of $440 billion.

Bitcoin is currently hovering around the $9300 mark after being rejected at $10000 mark couple of times in last days, Ethereum is on the charge as well but the most surprising one is Bitcoin cash. Bitcoin cash was at $600 couple of weeks ago and now at $1600, shows rapid growth in recent weeks.


Crypto currency of the month has to be EOS, investors of EOS are enjoying a massive rise in value in past few weeks, EOS started April at $5 mark and now is at $18 , value of EOS increased more than 3 times within one month.

Current top 5 crypto currencies

  1. Bitcoin : $9388
  2. Ethereum: $741
  3. Ripple: $0.83
  4. Bitcoin Cash: $1630
  5. EOS: $18.28


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Take a Crypto Pill




Crypto Pills

Crypto market is crashing, we all know that, panic sellers are taking over the market with massive sell-off. You can’t control that, just calm down and take a Crypto Pill to make things easy.

Crypto Pill is the term being used by industry leaders to make things calm down from recent fiasco, yesterday a leaked news from CFTC about Bitfinex and Tether made things even more difficult for crypto traders, short sellers went all into the market with massive short bets, and they won, Bitcoin price slipped below $10000 level to as low as $9500, but later on recovered to $10K , but selling pressure is still there.

First South Korea and now US

First it was South Korea, the country with massive trading volumes in crypto market, they announced to ban anonymous crypto trading and ban took place effective from 30th Jan 2018, then a sudden news came from US market when Bloomberg broke the news that US financial regulatory authority CFTC investigating Tether and Bitfinex, but later on it was confirmed that news was from December last year, which made market calm down a little bit after all that tension and hype about US crackdown on crypto currencies.

HODLers will take over market soon

Despite of all this fiasco, Hodlers are still holding their Crypto currencies, they are not giving up and they holding for their dear life, it is very much possible that they take over this market in near future, making another uptrend in coming months.




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Venezuela is the cheapest country to mine Bitcoin




Bitcoin venezuela

Cost of mining one Bitcoin in Venezuela is just $531 

Most expensive country to mine Bitcoin is South Korea, where cost of mining one bitcoin is $26,170

After recent crackdown by Chinese Government on Bitcoin miners, most talked about topic in bitcoin community is that which country would Chinese Bitcoin miners chose to shift, as many research firms were working to find the best possible option for the miners, one of the best option is Venezuela, where cost of mining one bitcoin is the cheapest, just $531, as compared to China where cost of mining one bitcoin $3172.

Others with lower costs are Bangladesh, Belarus, Paraguay, Serbia and Trinidad & Tobago. The most expensive is South Korea at $26,170 per coin. The U.S. cost is $4,675.
Calculations for the amount of energy consumed were based on the average usage of three popular types of mining equipment: the AntMiner S7, the AntMiner S9 and the Avalon.

Bitcoin mining consumes a lot of energy and according to one estimate, Bitcoin mining currently consuming energy which is more than 159 countries, including countries like Ireland

Bitcoin mining leading surge in global electricity consumption



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